me kay cooke

Authentic Self

Someone once invited me to explore the word ‘humility’ through the thinking frame of ‘knowing what you do really well and feeling proud of it and, at the same time, knowing what you’re not good at (yet) – and not bragging that you are.

I like this thinking frame although I do ‘ouch’ when recalling memories where I have ‘bragged’ about my accomplishments in order to be perceived a certain way. I did not know then what it feels like to speak from a place of authenticity. Quite liberating don’t you think?

There’s a great line in Batman Begins where Rachel Dawes tells Bruce Wayne “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do that defines you”. We are being perceived not by our life-scripts, but by our actions.

Does the authentic self really wish to manipulate the opinion of others? I call it the ‘truth state’.

What are you doing/saying today that reflects your truth – your authentic self?

How could you describe this in one simple sentence (as if you were speaking to a five year old)?

Me? Today I’m fire-starting, change making and mind stretching.

I can tell you this but you will only be convinced by my actions.

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