me kay cooke

Playing with the structure of magic

Last night, our NLP Northumberland Playgroup met to further expand our skills, enquiry and support for improving processes of communication. As always, I learned many new things about myself, my work, NLP and my peers – so thank you to those who contributed!

Your dedication to becoming exquisite examples of humans using NLP for human excellence, is inspirational.

Welcome to the rock of d’light as we guide ships of courage through the seas of change.

The theme last night was Milton Model, which of course cannot either stand alone or be used in a single way. Named after the great Milton Erickson, these language patterns are delightfully and artfully vague, ensuring fast and consistent rapport, compliant attention and avoidance of conflict. We use these patterns with precision to ease the flow of a person’s attention towards a more useful outcome. The process we used for our play school was to use ‘post its’ to generate a few key concerns/problems, as ‘frames’ through which to look at and through.

Once the frame was clear, then discussions included values and motivation of the NLPer and also the client/colleague/friend; timelines and meta programmes of all involved; neurological levels and Meta Model.

One strong learning reflection was that our job is not to fix others (remember the NLP working assumption that people aren’t broken and don’t need fixing – they just need to be connected to upgraded internal resources), and it is not for us to determine what successful outcomes for others will look like.

It’s like the picture says “you’ve always had the power…” Once the potential (for others’) desired & well-formed-outcomes (stated in the positive – towards – owned by the individual – resourced – achievable – desirable – ecologically sound so that all gains and losses are useful) became obvious, we then looked at generating language to pace reality, get attention, lead attention and feed forward.

As always, the resources within our classroom were well used and books/videos have been returned exchanged which means that there is now new availability to borrow. Next time we will continue the theme of Milton Model and look at generating stories, analogies and metaphors that can be used conversationally to bypass conscious objections and loosen up-thinking.

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