me kay cooke

10 Thought Leaders

How exciting! I’m getting ready to share centre stage with some fantastic speakers during a one-day event in London on October 2nd 2015. NLP Life Training is hosting 10 of us to showcase our applications of NLP in 10 different ways.

Me – I’m going to be sharing some case studies of working with children, using NLP & NHR to liberate choices in thinking and doing. Perhaps you’ve already read my earlier blog on ‘The Devil in the Classroom’? One such example of how easy change can be. Using play, creativity and childlike belief in magic are all ingredients for a Happy Brain. Teaching our next generation how to use their brains to think on purpose and expand their horizons, is for me, the most important job in the world. I see so many adult clients who, had they had such formative support and education, would have made a whole lot more of their lives.

I’m also driven to share the gems I would like to have known, way back when my kids were growing up. It seems so simple, knowing what I know now, and it is. Magically simple, when you know how.

I’m excited, not only to be sharing some anecdotes, but also to be part of a great line-up of speakers. How much more will I learn in just one day!?!

Click here for information about the event, the weekend and live streaming.

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