me kay cooke

Working assumptions for a simpler life

Our beliefs drive our behaviour, so it is important to check in from time to time, with the assumptions we make every day.

When we check, repair and refine our beliefs about our place in the world around us, we get to choose attitudes that serve us and enable positive and worthwhile relationships.

Are you aware of your ‘rules’ or ‘guidelines’ or ‘beliefs’ for living?

NLP offers us a set of principles to live by, referred to as the NLP presuppositions – these are the working assumptions we choose to live by and be guided by:

  • Everyone has a unique perception of the world – a mental map
  • Everyone makes the best choice they perceive is available to them at the time they make it
  • There is no failure, only feedback – we are designed to adapt and thrive
  • Behind every behaviour, there is a positive intention – at a primitive level, we all want to feel safe, connected and secure
  • The meaning of the communication is the result we get, which means we are responsible for our actions
  • There is a solution to every problem
  • People aren’t broken and don’t need fixing. We have within us all the resources we will ever need, we just need to make the right connections and may need help in this adjustment
  • The person with the most flexibility in thinking and behaviour has the greatest influence, like playing the queen in a game of chess
  • Mind and body are part of the same system
  • If one person can do it, anyone can learn the ‘code’ or strategy
  • What we recognise in others is also true within ourselves (we have to be able to understand through our own mental map of the world, to be capable of reproducing it as a thought)
  • The way to understand, is to be doing
  • Knowledge, thought, memory and imagination are the result of sequences and combinations of ways of filtering and storing information (which means if something isn’t working, you can change the sequence, filter or code)

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