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Have You Tried It Yet?

In 1988 Professor Fritz Strack experimented with the perceived happiness of people when reading a cartoon.

Two groups read the same cartoon – one group had each to hold a pencil in their teeth without lips touching, the other group had to hold a pencil between their lips with no teeth contact.

Guess which group ‘felt’ happier?

Have you tried it yet?

Communicating Simplicity

The briefing of managers had been brisk apparently, and communication had been minimal, or so it seemed. My client reflected that the message to the team was simple; the economy was unsupportive, the market place was dire, that the industry was struggling.

The boss had used a sports teamwork analogy during the briefing.

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New Strategies when a friend has anorexia

13-year-old Eliza (all names changed) recently came to see me because she was distressed to discover that a school friend had become anorexic.

Eliza was very keen to understand ‘why’ Ceri has anorexia. I explained that all human beings have behavioural strategies that are unique to them and although patterns can generalise and become labelled (in this case anorexia), it would be inappropriate for me to comment on Ceri’s situation without understanding her personalised mechanics.

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