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Is the playground any different to the workplace?

NLP Coaching For Resilience – with Mia who has been experiencing a situation with a girl we will call ‘B’ who clearly doesn’t like Mia.

B has been spreading unkind and untrue rumours amongst Mia’s friends, saying that Mia has been bitching about each of them behind their backs. B is trying to divide the friendship group and Mia feels her only option is to convince each friend that the rumours are not true. She is exhausted and worried that she will lose her friends.

The situation has brought back memories of a bullying experience we had worked through 12 months earlier (different environment, different girl). She is feeling stuck and un-resourceful.

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Making Something To Be Proud Of



Are you still not doing?


Is it still not working?


Are you like a Ferrari with no engine?


What does a Ferrari engine look like? Sound like? Feel like? Just imagine.


Does your empty-engine Ferrari have room to build a ferocious energy convertor?


Thought so.

Switch Positive

Help yourself and help others to feel good on purpose.


Direct your mind to 3 things that you like about yourself.

3 things that you like about yourself:




Direct your mind to 3 things you like about your family / home / work / class.

3 things you like about your family / home / work / class:




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