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Anger – how do you do!

Most people understand that anger can be ignited by a tangible threat (e.g. a car swerving towards us) and also by a perception (e.g. “I think that driver directed the car towards us on purpose”). And it’s probably fair to suggest that we’ve all experienced nano-second reactions diverting all resources towards bodily readiness for fight or flight. Anger switches the brain to ‘survival’ mode and initiates physiological readiness for self-defence.

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Revolting Revision


This is the time of year when I’m inundated with ‘emergency’ emails and phone calls from parents whose children are not buckling down to do their revision.


In response to have penned this plea:


Dear Anxious Parents,

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Learning to Flow

With GCSE and A Level revision being a key theme at this time of year, it’s sometimes useful to shift attention away from the cramming of ‘knowledge’ and take a peek at the PROCESSES that enable learning to FLOW.


Several educational and Accelerated Learning models propose something like a wheel that explains the flow of attention during learning.


My adaptation looks a little like a wheel of 4 segments that cycles incoming information from short-term attention to long-term storage, and then retrieval.

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