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Melissa’s Magic Mirrors

  • Do you ever feel under pressure from the outside world?
  • Do you feel anxious around specific people, or in a particular place?
  • Would you like to feel more resilient and confident?



Many people find Melissa’s Magic Mirrors a great way to deal with bullies. You teach yourself how to feel stronger and more resilient when people around you appear threatening.

This exercise is designed for children and adults and can be adapted to suit the individual – so do bespoke it!

Melissa (officinalis) is a (clinically proven) strengthening herb commonly known as Lemon Balm – more about it later.

Magic Mirrors have been used throughout history, all across the world, to deflect bad spirits and direct lightness into the environment. How many mirrors can you find within the your personal or working environment? What effect do you perceive they have?


Melissa’s Magic Mirrors – Here’s How

IMAGINE you are surrounded by a bright lemon coloured cloud or mist. Yellow is a colour often associated with inner power. Have it swirl around you in an anti-clockwise direction growing up from beneath your feet and making a swirl-knot above your head.

Now be sure to make this cloud appear transparent, which means you get to see out through it and look into the world around you. See what happens when you imagine someone looking at you only to see the yellow mist, it might make you giggle.

When visualising this lemony yellow mist, imagine what it feels like (what’s the temperature of your mist?) or sound like, and how do the sensations change when you swirl it faster or slower – which swirl speed helps you feel stronger?

As you take a big, deep breath in through your nose, imagine the yellow mist flows down inside your lungs and when you breathe out slowly and fully, let begin to expand the yellow cloud surrounding you.

Once you have mastered the swirling yellow mist, you are ready to add the extra layer of protection with magic mirrors – lots of outward facing mirrors. Perhaps your mirrors will all be the same size and shape, or maybe different sizes and shapes. Once you have designed the outer mirror shields, go ahead and put them in place.

When you have installed the magic mirrors all around you – facing outwards, any ‘mean or hurtful words’ will simply start to bounce off the mirrors and reflect straight back to the people saying them.

Some people find it quite fun to visualise the hurtful words like word-arrows shooting back at the bully, whilst others imagine the word-arrows bouncing around in the air, all out of control.

Listen for the imaginary sounds of the word-arrows pinging around.

Now check to discover where in your body do you feel most confident? Perhaps it’s your shoulders, or your back? Maybe it’s somewhere else?


A bit more about confidence:

Anecdotes provide compelling evidence for the success potential of this visualisation and its ability to boost self-esteem and a sense of control.


A bit more about Melissa: 

We like a plant called lemon balm who’s formal name is Melissa officinalis. We call her Melissa for short. Melissa helps you feel confident, uplifted, as well as calm and with less anxious feelings. She has heart shaped leaves and tiny white flowers. Her lemony aroma and flavour also keeps bees calm.


Information for teachers and parents:

Science shows the phyto-chemistry of lemon balm is clinically proven in humans to induce calm, lower anxiety, agitation and restlessness, relieve pain (headaches), colic and palpitations (jumpy heart beat), improve memory and help with concentration, as well as treat addiction.

 It works by increasing the effects of our brain inhibitor (calming) signal GABA, but also works on the brain attention signal (acetylcholine). It’s also gut calming (spasmolytic) and sleep inducing (sedative) as well as anti-viral/bacterial/fungal.

 Our favourite way to take lemon balm is a fresh or dried leaf tea, hot or cold. It makes delicious ‘lemonbalmade’ by adding lemon juice and honey, and can be used in salads, soups, sauces and seafoods but not necessarily at medicinal dose level. Lotions made using its essential oil will be more effective (but it’s one of the most expensive so beware adulterated products).

Safety: Lemon balm is one of the safest medicinal plants; side effects are not reported, widely recommended for children.

Always consult a registered medical herbalist & inform your healthcare practitioner before taking or giving a child any herb medicinally. And be sure of the identity of your plant.


Partners in Wellbeing for facts and science about safe plants for brain boosting and mind coaching/brain training: |

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