me kay cooke

Percy Manages Metaphor

Percy explained that he had been getting angry with people at work.

As manager of a team, he needed his people to follow instruction and deliver results. The trigger to his getting angry was people not doing what he had asked of them which led to increasing frustration, which then led to anger. Underpinning his anger was something of high value to him – feeling understood.

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Lonely Lana Changes Her Mind

Good quality thinking generates good feelings which bring choices in what you do.

14 year old Lana was fed up of feeling left out of a group of girls at her new school.

Moving schools can be tough at any age and Lana, one term in, was yearning for the feelings she used to associate with her old group of pals.

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Communicating Simplicity

The briefing of managers had been brisk apparently, and communication had been minimal, or so it seemed. My client reflected that the message to the team was simple; the economy was unsupportive, the market place was dire, that the industry was struggling.

The boss had used a sports teamwork analogy during the briefing.

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