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Bullies, Bullied, Bullying

What is Bullying?

I work with bullies and bullied.

Take a recent example of a teenager who was being publically humiliated on social media after posting a live singing performance at a local talent competition. 

The mum removed the post from social media citing ‘thumbs down and online judgements/jibes’ as evidence of bullying

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Melissa’s Magic Mirrors

  • Do you ever feel under pressure from the outside world?
  • Do you feel anxious around specific people, or in a particular place?
  • Would you like to feel more resilient and confident?



Many people find Melissa’s Magic Mirrors a great way to deal with bullies. You teach yourself how to feel stronger and more resilient when people around you appear threatening.

This exercise is designed for children and adults and can be adapted to suit the individual – so do bespoke it!

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New Strategies when a friend has anorexia

13-year-old Eliza (all names changed) recently came to see me because she was distressed to discover that a school friend had become anorexic.

Eliza was very keen to understand ‘why’ Ceri has anorexia. I explained that all human beings have behavioural strategies that are unique to them and although patterns can generalise and become labelled (in this case anorexia), it would be inappropriate for me to comment on Ceri’s situation without understanding her personalised mechanics.

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