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Mind-Body Balance

The mind-body connection is no secret and Working Well means taking time to check your ‘balance’ of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Inside your brain, a ‘top-down’ cognitive approach to working well is generally understood: the quality of your thoughts affect the quality of your feelings, which in turn drives what you do/don’t do. 

What is often overlooked however, is the brain’s ‘bottom-up’ approach to working well: the adjustment of your physiology/neurology affects the resilience of your feelings, which in turn drives clarity of thinking. 

In this short video clip I talk about this mind-body connection. Here, as I guide you through a simple physiological re-balance practice, is one simple skill that can re-set your working day.

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Teenage Stress Matters

13-year-old Lou (all names changed) and I chatted about general ‘stress’ matters during our coaching session. I’ve been working to have her distinguish between useful and non-useful stress. That is the difference between stress that she utilises to drive her, and the stress that holds her stuck.


Until now, she has had two differing strategies that she has generalised simply as ‘stress’.


One strategy drives her motivation to be getting stuff done; the other strategy prevents action and holds her stuck.


Lou regularly tells me that she is ‘stressed’ describing it as a label or even as her identity, rather than something that she is doing and feeling.

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