me kay cooke

Needing To Think

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She needed chocolate

He needed cake

They needed to think

Because bodies can overload.


She needed to smoke

He needed to drink

They needed to think

Because toxins harm cellular health, causing bodies to overload.


He needed to shout

She needed to punch

They needed to think

Because lasting anger creates fear, which is toxic to mental health, causing minds and bodies to overload.


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Lonely Lana Changes Her Mind

Good quality thinking generates good feelings which bring choices in what you do.

14 year old Lana was fed up of feeling left out of a group of girls at her new school.

Moving schools can be tough at any age and Lana, one term in, was yearning for the feelings she used to associate with her old group of pals.

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Working assumptions for a simpler life

Our beliefs drive our behaviour, so it is important to check in from time to time, with the assumptions we make every day.

When we check, repair and refine our beliefs about our place in the world around us, we get to choose attitudes that serve us and enable positive and worthwhile relationships.

Are you aware of your ‘rules’ or ‘guidelines’ or ‘beliefs’ for living?

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